Welcome to Tennis Yukon!

2020 Tennis Yukon Champs

Men’s Doubles Kieran/Fleur

Mixed Doubles: Kieran/Fleur

Congrats to Ken Anola 2020 Men’s Singles Champion! His opponent for the finals, Matthias Hoenisch, had to withdraw due to injury.

Kaelen and trophy

2020 Yukon Champs Junior winner

Thanks to Sheila Senger for the Junior U18 prize!

Check out the photos at TY’s Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/pg/TennisYukon/photos/?tab=album&album_id=3536753119689063

2020 Court Bookings Calendar

Please use the bookings calendar tab or link above to book a court.

  • limit 1-hour
  • limit 3 bookings/week
  • if court not booked, play is first-come, first serve, with 1-hour time limit if people are waiting to play

There are several new rules posted at the courts and on the tennis season pass form. Tennis players will need to sign that they agree to follow the rules and sign a waiver as part of their season pass.

Private and semi-private lessons are available. Please contact topspin.kab@gmail.com for more info.

Starting July 1, as the Yukon moves into Phase II of re-opening, doubles play will be allowed without restriction.

Tennis season pass form here, 2020 Season Pass_TY and waiver, TY Minor-Acknowledgement and Assumption of Risk Form and TY Adult – Release and Waiver of Liability

Return your proof of payment and completed form and waiver to tennisyukon@gmail.com to receive the gate code and arrange shoe tag pickup.

Season Pass + TY membership

Please remember to lock the gates behind you! And to respect the court rules of no drinks other than water on the courts. Alcohol, pop, and juice all eat away at and ruin the court surface – the surface that was expensive and that we are trying to keep in good condition. Also, broken glass is a hazard for all players.

Keep the courts in good shape by helping to prevent scenes like this!

YPA received approval of return-to-play for pickleball. Pickleball players should contact YPA at www.yukonpickleball.ca for season passes for pickleball.

Looking for someone to hit with? Email tennisyukon@gmail.com with your name, email, phone number, and estimated playing level to be added to the list.

Thanks to the previous Tennis Yukon board for all of your efforts and dedication. Congratulations to the new board: Brian Whitfield President, Dave Sanyal and Vickie Roche directors, Stacy Lewis Secretary, and Mikko Jarvinen Treasurer.

Stay well!

Summer 2019 Mt Mac Court Use Survey Results, season pass stats