2019 Mt Mac Courts Season Pass

2019 Mt Mac Courts Season Pass

Each player who uses the Mt. Mac Tennis Courts for tennis and/or pickleball during the summer requires a season pass. All season pass proceeds support court maintenance. Season passes for the 2019 summer season will be available:

  • on-line  2019 Season Pass,
  • at Sport Yukon (with proof of payment online or payment at Sport Yukon by cheque or cash), and
  • from tennis coaches at the Mt Mac courts Monday-Thursday evenings starting May 13 (with proof of payment online or payment by cheque or cash).

Scroll down for online payment.

Once a season pass is purchased, the player will be given the code to access the courts and a shoe tag. Please have your shoe tag visible when you are at the Mt Mac courts.

Please lock the gates when you leave the courts. People using the courts without purchasing a season pass are not supporting the care and maintenance of the courts.

2019 Mt Mac Courts Season Pass Rates (50% off as of July 15, 2019):

Tennis Junior (U18) $25
Tennis Senior (55+) $25
Tennis Student $25
Tennis Individual Adult $ 45
Tennis Family $75 + $5 per person (2 adults + kids)
Pickleball Junior (U18) $20*
Pickleball Senior (55+) $20*
Pickleball Student $20*
Pickleball Individual Adult $ 40*
Pickleball Family $75* (2 adults + kids)
Both Junior (U18) $25*
Both Senior (55+) $25*
Both Student $25*
Both Individual Adult $ 45*
Both Family $75 + $5 per person (2 adults + kids)

*All pickleball players purchasing a Mt Mac season pass must be a member of Yukon Pickleball Association (paid annual fee of $15, which includes $10 membership to Yukon Pickleball Association and $5 insurance fee to Pickleball Canada; see https://www.pickleballcanada.org/new_memberships_only.php).

2019 Season Pass Tennis or Pickleball or Both now 50% off

Mt. Mac Tennis Courts

The Mt Mac courts were built in 2000 thanks to the efforts of Jerry Wald, who put together various sources of funding.

There was never a City budget item for care of the Mt Mac courts.  The City (or YTG) did not provide any annual funding to take care of the courts. Care and maintenance activities such as crack filling, snow and mud removal, windscreens and net repair were done by volunteers with costs borne by individuals.

Tennis Yukon advocated for dedicated maintenance funds, including re-surfacing money, but this was rejected by the City in 2008, 2009, and 2010.  Tennis Yukon was not eligible to receive any funding as merely a user group. In order to finance the re-surfacing in 2011, Tennis Yukon had to undertake to lease the courts.  After looking at several examples across Canada, Tennis Yukon proposed a public/non-profit partnership with the City of Whitehorse. A lease to this effect was signed in July 2011. The City remains the owner and Tennis Yukon manages the courts. The re-surfacing money was then provided by Community Development Fund ($20K), Lotteries ($8K), City of Whitehorse Recreation Fund ($15K), and Tennis Yukon ($5K).

Based on the research of other facilities, discussion within the Board, and discussion within the membership, Tennis Yukon prepared a management plan for the Mt Mac courts. This plan was proposed and approved at the 2011 AGM, and presented to City officials and City Council in 2011. This plan includes trying to meet the industry-recommended savings target of $700/court/year in a fund that will go towards care and maintenance of the courts. This will at least provide a good base from which to ask for funding support, and shows a user group prepared to contribute to the costs of maintaining this important recreational asset. User-based contributions provide a secure funding base to take care of the courts so they last, which is the biggest accessibility factor of all. Especially in Whitehorse, where there are no other courts left because they were not taken care of.

4 pickleball courts were painted on one tennis court in the summer of 2018.

Those who use the Mt Mac courts can contribute to this maintenance with a flat rate season pass providing unlimited access to the courts. This money stays in the Mt Mac court account and is used for Mt Mac care and maintenance (e.g., cracks and surface repair, vandalism repair, windscreens, nets, annual power washing).